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21 Jump Street The Movie?

Oh dear. What was that old saying? Leave well enough alone? Or was it more like, go ahead and fuck with everything that we’ve ever done in the past because it may be easy money? I can’t remember, but if it’s the latter, then this story totally makes sense. It looks like Hollywood is ready to take 21 Jump Streetanother series from the 80s and make it a feature film. This time the victim is ’21 Jump Street,’ the little show about undercover cops in high school that launched the career of some guy name Johnny Depp. The sweet kicker? It looks like ‘Superbad’ star Jonah Hill is slated to write the film with Stephen J. Cannell set to produce.

If Hill does write this picture, then clearly they’re going for the let’s make fun of it approach. I’m thinking like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s take on ‘Starsky and Hutch,’ which had its moments, but really didn’t need to happen. The only reason I’d go see this is because Cannell is producing so I want to see if the film ends with Stephen J. at the typewriter, tearing out the page and tossing it behind him to form the “C” in his production company logo. I’m now going to go touch my brain with a Q-Tip for remembering that.

See the story here!

And check Stephen J. Cannell out!

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