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‘Disaster Movie’ Trailer Drops

I say drops because, as you’ll see when you watch the trailer, lots of things drop in this “movie.” I use the term “movie” loosely to describe ‘Disaster Movie’ because you will also notice when you watch this trailer that this isn’t so much a “movie” as it is a collection of spoof clips strung together by meteors and people getting hit by things. It’s also known as a “retarded waste of time.” From the people who brought you ‘Meet the Spartans’ comes a new adventure in the insanely banal, ‘Disaster Movie.’ From what I can tell of the 1 minute, 29 second trailer, this movie should be about 20 minutes long and sooooo not worth your $10. Not even worth the $5 matinée. And for god’s sake, don’t download it for free as I’m sure it comes with a virus. And I’m not talking a virus on your computer. I’m talking a virus on your genitals.

So why post it? You need to know your enemy in order to defeat it.

Disaster Movie

2 thoughts on “‘Disaster Movie’ Trailer Drops

  1. honestly, this movie looks pathetic, like, the whole “scary” movie hunk is done to death! hopefully this bombs so they realize, hey, maybe no one wants to see crap anymore.

  2. They’re parodying movies that aren’t even out yet!! I mean, how can you parody Hancock?! You haven’t seen it!!! The production value looks ridiculous, too.

    Sadly, I believe Meet the Spartans opened at number 1, which probably recouped their costs and made enough of a profit to try it yet again. I’m hoping this one will make The Love Guru’s numbers look like serious bank, but I have my doubts. People will watch anything.

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