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Indy 5? Really?


A new interview with George Lucas explains the tension behind-the-scenes of the recent ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’  Lucas said that the tension came from the fact that on the new movies, he needed to agree with Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford while on earlier films, everyone looked to him.

He also dropped this little bomb: ‘really, with the last one, Steven wasn’t that enthusiastic.  I was trying to persuade him.  But now Steve is more amenable to doing another one.  Yet we still have issues about the direction we’d like to take.  I’m in the future: Steve’s in the past.  He’s trying to drag it back to the way they were, I’m trying to push it to a whole different place.  So, still we have a sort of tension.  This recent one came out of that.’

I don’t know if this is true or if this is simply Lucas trying to re-write history yet again.  (Remember, the rumor going around for years was that the big hold-up was finding a script that Lucas liked?)  Either way, Indy 4 has really dampened my enthusiasm for Indy 5.

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