Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Emerge

Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Emerge

According to New Zealand news site “Stuff,” the next Indiana Jones film will begin shooting next year, with the plot line centered around the Bermuda Triangle.

The source explained that Lucas and Spielberg have been working on a script, and that Harrison Ford is on stand-by for filming next year.

Apparently, they also said that this film will be made in a more old fashioned way rather then the CGI-effects filled previous film.

For what the film was, I enjoyed ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,’ but I definitely felt like something was missing. I was never able to put my finger on it fully, but, something felt awry. This story sounds like it could be much more compelling, and my hope is that they really shoot as much of it without CGI as possible.

Also, it occurred to me, that Indiana Jones could be a franchise where every other one could be a “good” one. Since, Raiders was great, Temple of Doom, so so, and Last Crusade, great. Anyway, obviously I have my reservations, but Indiana Jones was my hero growing up, and I’d love to see a 5th one whether or not I’ll be disappointed in the end. I’ll give them one more shot! But then again, who am I?


Frank Marshall just tweeted out:

“The rumor about INDY 5 is completely false. Nothing has changed, we are not shooting next year and still in the research phase…”

“Raiders” Story Meeting Transcript Released

You need to see this.  It’s unbelieveable.

The website Mystery Man on Film has posted something amazing.  In 1978, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan sat down to talk about an idea that George and Steve had.  The character’s name?  Indiana Smith.  What has been posted is a transcript of a five day meeting between the three.

Kasdan wrote the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” script, so this is Spielberg and Lucas throwing out ideas.  You also hear how these two greats piece together back-story.  And character names.  It’s truly unbelievable.  Go check it out and download it before it gets yanked.  It’s really cool.

DVD Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skullWhat benefited the viewing of this film for me, was the fact that I hadn’t read a single shred of information on it. I knew nothing more then its basic premise and who was in it. I did not read a single review save for the snippets they highlight in the TV spots. [Read more…]

Indy 5?  Really?

Indy 5? Really?


A new interview with George Lucas explains the tension behind-the-scenes of the recent ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’  Lucas said that the tension came from the fact that on the new movies, he needed to agree with Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford while on earlier films, everyone looked to him.

He also dropped this little bomb: ‘really, with the last one, Steven wasn’t that enthusiastic.  I was trying to persuade him.  But now Steve is more amenable to doing another one.  Yet we still have issues about the direction we’d like to take.  I’m in the future: Steve’s in the past.  He’s trying to drag it back to the way they were, I’m trying to push it to a whole different place.  So, still we have a sort of tension.  This recent one came out of that.’

I don’t know if this is true or if this is simply Lucas trying to re-write history yet again.  (Remember, the rumor going around for years was that the big hold-up was finding a script that Lucas liked?)  Either way, Indy 4 has really dampened my enthusiasm for Indy 5.

Sam’s Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Sam’s Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


After 19 years, Indiana Jones is back. The character that so many of us grew up with has returned fedora and all. So, does it live up to the hype? Well, kinda.

I’m not going to go over the plot. Read it somewhere else, if you’re that concerned about it. ‘But the movie,’ I hear you ask, ‘the movie, is it any good?’ Well, kinda. The film is ridiculous in spots, but that’s what you get in an Indiana Jones movie. If you want emoting and fully believable characters, look elsewhere. This is an homage to the 1940s serial films. A lot of action, with bare amounts of plot to hold everything together. However, one gets the feeling that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are starting to believe the hype. When people keep telling them how great ‘Raiders’ was, or how funny it was in ‘Last Crusade,’ when Indy and his dad were tied together and they kept calling out for each other and then looking in opposite directions. ‘Why not give the audiences what they want,’ you can almost hear Lucas and Spielberg say. Why not? Because you’re the storytellers, that’s why. Your job is to entertain the audience, not to let it choose its own adventure.

The movie is an uneven one. The first hour is all plot and back story, all of which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans because, well, this is an Indiana Jones movie. It’s not supposed to have a ton of plot and back story. Here’s the idol. Here’s the bad guys. And we’re off. However, it takes a good 60 minutes for things to start happening.

There’s a scene with ants where they cover people and eat them alive. Pretty cool. There’s a chase sequence through the jungle with a bunch of different cars. Pretty cool. But part of my problem was the fact that Spielberg and producer Frank Marshall said before the movie came out that special effects would be kept to a minimum. Yet these two sequences are nothing but an orgy of CGI. Does that matter? Well, kinda. It’s a problem when you get taken out of a movie’s action by the fact that the light reflecting off of Shia LeBouf’s pants doesn’t match the other lighting in the rest of the shot. (I bet you never thought your read a dissertation on the reflection of light and Mr. LeBouf’s trousers on this site, did you?)

So, the CGI is a bit crap, the story is a little too involved for a simple action movie, how’s the acting? It’s good. Nothing too spectacular and Cate Blanchett’s Russian accent seems to waver a bit, but, not to a point that it ruins the movie. The end piece of the film is nice, but again, it’s a bevy of special effects. Don’t tell an audience you’re not going to use special effects and then turn around and race as fast as you can to the nearest computer.

But that’s not reason enough to hate this movie. And I didn’t hate it. However, at film’s end, when the lights came up, the only thought that passed through my mind was, ‘eeh. At least it didn’t suck.’ Is that a reason to see a movie? That it isn’t the cinematic abomination that you were scared of seeing? Not really. -Sam

‘Indiana Jones’ Brings Box Office Gold

So after 19-years, it still really is no surprise that Steven Spielberg, and the fedora-donning Indiana Jones raked in $151.1 million dollars since its premiere on Thursday, bringing in $311.1 million dollars worldwide.

‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,’ didn’t break the Memorial Day record, set last by ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ ($139.8 million), ‘Jones’ brought in $126 mil over the weekend (but I doubt anyone is complaining).

Vatche’s Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Vatche’s Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skullWhat benefited the viewing of this film for me, was the fact that I hadn’t read a single shred of information on it. I knew nothing more then its basic premise and who was in it. I did not read a single review save for the snippets they highlight in the TV spots. [Read more…]

Good Times with Harrison Ford

Good Times with Harrison Ford

raiders.jpgIn honor of Harrison Ford and his return to one of his most famous characters, Indiana Jones. I want to to celebrate his career, by looking at all the good times we’ve had, with Mr. Harrison Ford. [Read more…]

Han Solo/Indiana Jones Mashup in the Works?

Indiana Jones and Han Solo

*Note: This was a special April Fools Article

You read that right, the rumor mills have been turning. Everyone knows how bad Spielberg has wanted to direct a Star Wars, but, what tends to go under the radar is Harrison Fords desire to play alongside himself a la Eddie Murphy in any Eddie Murphy movie. He may just get the opportunity with this one. [Read more…]

Movie Preview: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Movie Preview: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

George Lucas really hit the goldmine when he released a movie called Star Wars back in 1978, a movie everyone was sure would fail. Based on the residuals, toy licensing, spin-offs, Lucas could never make another movie again, and he’d still die a rich man. He’s rereleased the original trilogy countless times. Even when I was a kid, I was frustrated, here’s the original, oh wait, here it is remastered to video, oh wait here it is remastered and with all new special scenes the way Mr. Lucas wanted them, oh wait here it is again with Hayden Christensen in it, oh wait here it is on DVD, oh wait here it is on DVD with the ORIGINAL release, and the new stuff.

With this preface, I’m pleased to say something new is hitting the silverscreen produced by Lucas. A CGI-animated Star Wars Adventure based off the 25 episode series that aired on Cartoon Network a couple years back. It’s a risk, its non-traditional, and the idea behind reminds me of some of the Star Wars spin-off video games. Stories that happen in-between the trilogies.


The film is being directed by Dave Filoni, and the only original actors showing up are Anthony Daniels (C3-PO) and Matthew Wood (General Grievous). The film is about Anakin and Ob-Wan holding together the republic, being split by war. With Lucas guiding the story, Filoni is translating his vision. “George is our guide. He’s the creator of the Star Wars universe, so we couldn’t have a better mentor,” asserts director Dave Filoni

Star Wars has always been a film that adults and kids can enjoy, in animated film, I have no doubt, it will give the fever to an entirely new generation of Star Trek hating Skywalker fans. The film opens August 15th.