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Oscar Nominations: Reactions

The Oscars come every year, and us folks on the sidelines always have something to say about them. Things like what was left off the list, what shouldn’t have made the list, what gives me the authority to do this? Well…I’m a blogger, isn’t that my job?

Thirteen Nominations for Benjamin Button

Though I enjoyed this movie, it hasn’t lasted long in my mind as something that deserves a whole huge lot of recognition. It was a cute movie, a bit on the longer side, but definitely not the best work of all that were involved, from acting to writing. To see this film nominated in so many categories, I’m a little surprised. The movie is too typical an Oscar movie, is that bad thing you ask? Yes. The past few years its been clear that the not-so-stereotypical Oscar movies are the one’s that come out as winners. Also, the movie is WAY too much like Forrest Gump (I was going to link to a trailer someone made doing a side by side plot comparison, but its been pulled down), and that already won.

Robert Downey Jr. Nominated for Tropic Thunder

Really? I mean, yeah, he was convincing, but what am I missing here? Wasn’t he parodying exactly this? Is this an inside joke? What about Gary Oldman in Dark Knight? What about Ralph Fiennes in ‘In Bruges’? I could sit here all day! The thing is, despite this nomination, we all know Heath Ledger will be given the award, and deservingly, but I’m just a bit surprised at Downey’s nomination.

Dark Knight’s Nominations

I’m excited that this got the amount of nominations it did. I didn’t think it would have, but I would have loved to see it get a Best Picture nod, that’s just the fanboy in me talking. I think it excelled in the technical categories its up for, Editing, Cinematography, and sound. Anyone whose watched this on IMAX/Blu-ray will agree, this is one damn good looking movie.

So those are just my initial reactions, feel free to comment below on what you think about the nominations!

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