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Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers 2‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,’ is a film that we knew was coming as soon as we’d heard about the first Transformers. There are certain movies that cannot escape the sequel train, I guarantee you, it was the first was greenlit if only for merchandising and the franchise it would start once again.

Directed once again by Michael Bay, and starring Shia Labeouf, ‘Transformers 2′ continues the story about the alien Autobots protecting humans and earth from their enemy, the Decepticon.

The movie begins with a little bit of a background story. Apparently, thousands of years before Optimus Prime, ancient Transformers known as the Dynasty of Primes were scouring the universe looking for Energon sources. The way they’d get this power is by draining stars of their energy. Their one rule was to never destroy a sun in a universe that had life. But one of the members of the dynasty, one they now call the Fallen, decides he’s gonna do it anyways. Of course he doesn’t succeed, and is banished. However, the Fallen swears revenge.

Flash forward to the present, where Sam Witwicky (Labeouf) is leaving his girlfriend  Mikaela (Megan Fox) back on the West Coast, to start studying at an unnamed University out on the East Coast.

The Autobots on the other hand, are working with the US Government  and the soldiers from the first film, hunting down Decepticon’s still hiding on earth. Once they get wind of the threat from the Decepticons, searching for the Sun Harvester, all hell breaks loose. The only person who has the information of its location? One Sam Witwicky.

The film is lengthy, goofy at times, and sometimes the robot fight scenes are a bit hard to follow. But let us be honest, its a movie about robots from another planet, that hide as trucks, cars, and construction vehicles. The movie is more of everything that was in the first, more battles, more fight scenes, more explosions, and, more comic relief from Sam’s parents. They still maintained a good balance though, if we’d seen them any longer they could get a little bit annoying.

Performances here, I mean, what can you really say, Megan Fox is ultimately eye candy. Shia is what we’ve come to expect from him, funny, witty, and generally entertaining. John Turturro returns as his ultra-strange (now former) G-man, also good comic relief. Bay doesn’t disappoint with his sweeping establishing shots, and well done CGI. This just simply put, is the type of movie you either like, or you don’t. No matter what anyone says, that is it at the end of the day.

As far as the controversy of the “Twins,’ the new autobots, being racist…it was no more offensive then Jar Jar Binks. I’d say they are definitely unnecessary, but, not totally distracting. Michael Bay also delights us with one of the lagest explosions (if not the largest) in the history of cinema. Awesome.

People are hard on these movies for some reason, people forget occasionally, we don’t go to the movies for much more then to be entertained on a Summer night. If you enjoyed the first Transformers, I don’t see why there would be any problem with this one.

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