Film Review: Pain & Gain

Film Review: Pain & Gain

One filmmaker stands against a world in turmoil, fighting a power that nods disapprovingly in his direction.  He fights for three things: explosions, Miami and bikini clad girls.  That’s right, Michael Bay is back and this time he’s not messing around with battling robots or Shia LaBeouf.  “Pain & Gain” promises muscles and sweat but might be just as empty as its characters’ heads.

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Vatche’s Action Trailer

Vatche’s Action Trailer

So, of course, besides running Lonely, I’m also a filmmaker in my own right. And I recently participated in an fake trailer contest here in Boston, at the Brattle Theatre. The subject was “Labor Day,” and I created this fake trailer with a vague story and a lot of visual effects. Our video won the competition!

The sound was cut by Gregg Swiatlowski, and the voice over artist in the end is Jim Jakala, who does many amazing great television and radio commercial spots. It also stars other LR bloggers, Brandin, Ben, and Phil!

Thank you everyone for your help, and enjoy the trailer!

‘Bad Boys 3’ in the Works

Will Smith fans rejoice, because Columbia Pictures is hoping that the action star will be reuniting with Martin Lawrence for a third ‘Bad Boys’ movie. The studio tapped writer Peter Craig to write the new screenplay.

The studio also hopes that director Michael Bay would also sign on to make the trilogy. The first film helped start Bay’s career, and sell audiences on Smith as an action star.

The sequel grossed $138m in the United States. No one has signed on as a definite member of this project, but, everyone has expressed interest if a good story is written.

Personally, I find both Bad Boys movies to be extremely entertaining, excellent mindless fun action movies. So, if a third one drops, they’ve sold one ticket.

Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers 2‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,’ is a film that we knew was coming as soon as we’d heard about the first Transformers. There are certain movies that cannot escape the sequel train, I guarantee you, it was the first was greenlit if only for merchandising and the franchise it would start once again. [Read more…]

‘Transformers’ Already Hits $16 Million

Transformers 2Variety is reporting that Transformers: “Revenge of the Fallen,” has already pulled in around $16 million from 3,000 screens on its opening night. The movie is just under the staggering opening night ‘Dark Knight’ had ($18.5 million). It’s expected to post a similar five day take to ‘Dark Knight,’ hitting at least $200 million this weekend.

Though unlike ‘Dark Knight’ the reviews have been fairly negative, scoring a 20% rotten at I will admit, I did rush out to see the first one, and  thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of the time Bay’s outrageous popcorn flicks (even ‘The Island’) I find extremely entertaining.

We’ll see how Transformers 2 goes with me after I check it out this weekend.

“Transformers 3” Coming in 2011

In case you weren’t excited enough for the second Transformer’s movie, opening this summer, Michael Bay has even more good news for you.

“Transformers 3” will be released July 1, 2011.  Of course, part 2 (subtitled “Renvenge of the Fallen,”) will be released June 24th.  No word on whether if Shia LaBeouf or Megan Fox will come back for part three.  Bay has all but said he’d be back.

So, if you’re a fan of the ‘Formers, get excited.  Dust off your Optimus Prime costume.  Get in line now.

Transformers 2 Teaser Poster Released

Transformers 2 Teaser Poster Released


I think I might be the only person to have not seen the first film, but the teaser poster for the follow-up is already here.

Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers 2,’ teaser poster has been released.  While it doesn’t do much about giving away the plot, this’ll get the juices of the fans flowing.  Word is that the second film will make the first one look like a costume drama.  Michael Bay, king of ‘everything and the kitchen sink,’ action movie trying to out-do himself?  Sounds so rediclious, I might just have to see what this is about.  -Sam

Bruckheimer & Bay could be ‘Cocaine Cowboys’

HBO & Warner Bros may be bringing Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay back together again with a project loosely based on 2006 Documentary ‘Cocaine Cowboys.’  The pair would serve as executive producers.

The show would be about the Miami drug trade in the 1980s, I know what you’re thinking ‘Miami Vice,’ but don’t you know there are about five film/tv ideas that need to be retreaded every year (just kidding, sort of). The show would focus on drug dealers, and Columbian cocaine kingpins.

A feature is currently in the works as well, with Paramount developing a Mark Wahlberg starrer, Peter Berg in the Directors chair.

Boll versus Bay Round 2! FIGHT!

Boll versus Bay Round 2! FIGHT!

Uwe Boll vs Michael BayThe feud continues, we reported a few weeks ago Uwe Boll trying to drum up some controversy (aka publicity) by calling out directors like Eli Roth and Michael Bay. [Read more…]

The Lonely Reviewer Show: Episode 3

In this episode we take a look at how Digital Downloads, and artists like NIN are paving the way for the impending Digital Future. We also discuss Platinum Dunes and their horror movie remakes. You can find it all, on the Lonely Reviewer show: Episode 3

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