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App Review: iFlux for iPhone/iPad

Check out my quick video review of the new iFlux App for your iPhone and iPad. Things I left out, the app has ALL the sound effects from the film. I’m actually quite impressed with the polish. The built in speedometer can actually recognize your speed, though, I don’t recommend speeding to 88 just to hear a sound effect. Just set it to 30 and you’ll be jumping through time without getting a ticket. Also, I know Dec 1st isn’t the birth of christ, but I figured you’d show up early and do some sightseeing early on before hittin’ up the manger with the three wisemen.

Happy Friday!

Update: Apparently the app has been pulled form the app store. Hopefully you guys got a chance to pick it up before. If not, lets hope Universal releases the app during the blu-ray rerelease a la what Lucasfilm did with the original lightsabre app and the release of The Force Unleashed and release it as a promo for the launch.

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