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IFFBoston ’12 Review: Beauty Is Embarrassing

Beauty Is Embarrassing ends with an amazing call to action from subject Wayne White. He sums up what he means by Beauty Is Embarrassing, and it just as equally sums up White’s entire Mantra. Do what you want to do, be who you want to be, no matter what.

Wayne White, best known for his creative work behind Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, as well as his work on the Smashing Pumpkins video “Tonight, Tonight,” has changed careers in the past 10 years. After spending the late 80s and 90s performing various tasks as art direction, set, puppet, and animation design – White has become a fascinating artist. Purchasing what he calls “thrift store” paintings, and writing interesting words on them. Ranging from prolific, to what he admits as somewhat crass. The work is unique, and when looked at closer, they just aren’t simple words. The 3D letters are added and implemented with the skill of an expert painter.

A debut film from Neil Berkley, he travels with White back to White’s hometown in Tennessee, we share some intimate moments as White looks into his past, and the hope of his future.

The story is moved along by what appears to be an evening with Wayne White – as he moves an audience along with the timeline of his career. Sharing stories from his past, and his latest artwork.

I loved the look and feel of this film, director Berkley does a great job of telling a fluid story that somehow feels like we sat for 90 minutes and listened to Wayne regale us with his life.

Beauty Is Embarrassing does an impressive job showing us the world through White’s lens. It’s colorful, full of life, laughter, and amazing opportunities.

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