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TV Review: The Office Series Finale

“The Office,” has been the flagship Thursday night comedy staple for NBC since 2005. An adaptation of the heralded British Show from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the Greg Daniels led “American” office started as a mirror of its counterpart. It wasn’t until the show started to deviate from the source material that it really found its legs. The incredible chemistry of its talented cast paved way for successful careers for all of its stars, especially for Steve Carrell, who starred as Michael Scott, the awkward leader of the office.

Though, like most shows these days, the overall quality of the show started to dip as time went on. Efforts were made by the incredibly talented writing team and show runners to mix it up, introducing new characters, new story lines – but at times, things never felt as fresh as it did early on. However, regardless of that, I stuck through till the bitter end.

The OfficeLast nights series finale was bittersweet, despite recognizing that is was time for the show to close, I felt the same way some of the characters did – that I’d miss my time with them week to week. The finale was classy, tied up any loose ends with the characters, and closed with a line that perfectly sums up the whole story – “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that the point?” Well said Pam, well said.


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