Film Review: The Muppets

It’s rare when a franchise comes back from a long hiatus and actually succeeds at capturing something new and special. However, everything leading up to “The Muppets,” was suggesting otherwise. You had a lead writer/actor that was a true fan from top to bottom, you had the backing of a major studio, and, you had …

Review: Julie & Julia

If food and meals truly bring people together, is it that big a leap to see food bridging the gap of time and distance to bring two people together?  In Nora Ephron’s “Julie & Julia,” the two brought together, (so to speak,) are Julie Powell and Julia Child. 

Review: Doubt

  John Patrick Shanley returns to the director’s chair with this adaptation of his Pulitizer-prize winning play, ‘Doubt.’  (For those of you who remember such things, Shanley’s first film was ‘Joe vs. the Volcano.)  Shanley’s second film, is, clearly, worlds away from his first.