Remastered ‘Godfather’ DVD Coming

Remastered ‘Godfather’ DVD Coming

godfather.jpgFinally, re-mastered versions of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece films ‘The Godfather,’ ‘The Godfather, Part II,’ and, um, ‘The Godfather, Part III,’ (well, two out of three ain’t bad,) are being released on DVD.  Before you race out to get in line to buy them, you should know that, right now, the discs are only coming out in England.

The Digital Bits, who first uncovered this news, is saying that while an announcement hasn’t been made for a US release, no doubt, one will be forthcoming.  The collection will contain the films, all the features from the previous boxed set as well as almost 75 minutes of additional features, including ones on the restoration and the reception of the film when originally released.

Paramount is one of the studios who hasn’t announced any Blu-Ray discs for release yet, so, could ‘The Godfather’ be the first announcement?

UK XBOX Chief Get’s The Last Laugh

I’m the biggest anti-Blu-ray guy on this site, I’ve never denied that. So to hear this coming from someone like Neil Thompson makes me feel better about my theory that digital distribution is the true future of media. When asked by UK’s The Guardian if he feels it was a bad move by Microsoft to back HD-DVD, Thompson answered:

“The horse that we’re fundamentally backing is the one that says the future of entertainment content is online digital distribution. I would argue that we backed the right horse. If we’re sitting here in 12 or 18 months time, we’ll be saying ‘why were people even thinking about a disc format when it’s really about digital distribution?’ Our strategy’s been developed for the last six or seven years, and ever since we launched the platform it [online content] has been our big, big, big bet.”

There was no way Microsoft could back Blu-Ray in their console, especially since Sony had pushed it as their pedestal feature on the PS3. But, Thompson cites the exact same evidence I was, that Sony wouldn’t be scrambling to build a Playstation Store with digital downloads (that Xbox Live has had for a year now) if they didn’t feel the same way.

Mark my words, Digital HD Downloads are the future, not physical formats.

Editorial: Why the Hi-Def War is Actually Not Over

Editorial: Why the Hi-Def War is Actually Not Over

Blu-RayEarly adopters beware, there has been a silent force standing by in the war between high-definition formats. [Read more…]

Got a HD DVD Player?  Get $50

Got a HD DVD Player? Get $50

306px-hd-dvdsvg.pngBest Buy, in an effort to ease the transition for HD DVD owners to Blu-Ray, are offering a $50 gift card to all customers who purchased one of the players that lost the high-def battle. [Read more…]

Sony Sales Increase

NPD results for Sony’s performance in February show that the PS3 has increased in sales 120% in comparison to last year. In addition to this huge jump in performance, the PSP also saw a 38% increase in sales.

I’d attribute much of this increase in sales for the PS3 to the recent announcement of the failure of HD-DVD. Like the PS2, the PS3 is a (fairly) affordable Blu-Ray player.

Looks like I’ll need to pick one up, there’s been a rumored price drop for a bit, that’s all I’m waiting for.

Paramounts to Release its Last HD-DVDs

For those of you who refuse to believe HD-DVD is over, here’s more proof. Paramount will be releasing its last two HD-DVD titles, Into the Wild, and Things We Lost in the Fire.

Paramount announced that it is currently in the process of developing its Blu-Ray release schedule.

It’s Official: HD-DVD Dead

It’s hard for me to admit this, as, I own an HD-DVD player and a few movies, but Toshiba made if official,

“As a result of recent market developments, the company has decided to discontinue sales and marketing of HD DVD players. Accordingly, Toshiba will begin to cease shipments of its HD DVD products to retail channels,”

That’s it, step aside, let Sony walk all over you Toshiba:

“While we continue to believe HD DVD is the best format for consumers, based on its technological advancements and the value and quality inherent in our player offerings, recent market developments have led us to the decision to choose new and different paths.”

Well that’s that, so I officially partook in the Beta/VHS war of my generation. Oh, I can tell my grandkids when their arguing about whats better, Sony’s Holograph, or some other company’s holograph that’ll never make it anyways because Sony rules.

Anyone want an HD-DVD Player?

News: Netflix Goes Blu-Ray

As a self-confessed proponent of the HD-DVD format, it pains me to announce that Netflix has decided that it too will follow suit by phasing out HD-DVD titles. They no longer will be picking up new HD-DVD titles, and by the end of the year, drop them completely.

Granted, I only paid $100 bucks for my HD-DVD player add-on to my Xbox 360, and I do use it as my main standard def dvd player in addition, I’m not completely screwed (like folks who spent a few hundred bucks), but I’m definitely feeling like the war is over.

If you need me, I’ll be buying a PS3 at Best Buy.