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Terminator 4 Release Date Announced


Terminator 3 was a complete and utter disappointment.
Granted I’ve really only seen it once, and there have been times where things are better on the second viewing, but nothing about this film inspires me to view itagain.

That being said, on paper, there are a lot of possibilities that
the franchise could be rebooted by putting Christian Bale in
the role of John Connor in Terminator Salvation. However, with McG in the director’s seat, the geek in me is slightly nervous. Can you honestly trust someone with three letters in their name? But seriously, Charlie’s Angels, eh, maybe he can do it, but I would have loved to see someone much darker tackle this.

The story is under wraps, but it is part of a new trilogy, and follows John Connor leading a group of survivors, attempting to stop Skynet, who has destroyed much of the human race. The film is set to begin shooting in May for a Memorial Day Weekend 2009 release.

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