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There Can Be Only One! (Or Two)

Connor McCloudAt the very least we know that Sam’s “Remake This” column will continue to have a healthy selection to write about. The latest victim in this never ending saga of remakes? The 1986 Christopher Lambert/Sean Connery classic, ‘Highlander.’ Say it ain’t so! The remake will be produced by Summit Entertainment and will be written by ‘Iron Man’ writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

Here’s my question: Why a remake? There have been 4 sequels to this movie and a television series. Why not just make a new entry instead of rebooting the franchise? (I say this having never seen the films after 3) I mean, it’s Christopher Lambert’s only real claim to fame. Don’t take that from him. Plus, if memory serves, each entry wasn’t really related to the others, so it’s not like they’re wiping away continuity. Man, I love ‘Highlander.’

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6 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One! (Or Two)

  1. Are there Highlander purists that’d be mad about a highlander without Christopher Lambert? I don’t think I’ve honestly ever seen a ‘higlander’ film.

  2. Probably. I think he was in all of them but the last one. That’s what he’s known for. And, despite some cheesy effects, those first few movies were pretty good.

    As an aside, I think it would be funny if Toyota Highlanders drove around running other Highlanders off the road until there was only one. That joke will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, though.

  3. I think it’s about time to let this one die. As far as i’m concerned, the tv series was the best incarnation of the franchise (and was pretty damn entertaining in my book up until the last season, where they stopped caring), and the first movie was the best of the 5 films they made.
    however……..after the last movie (highlander: the source)……..well, lets just say that i will go on record and say that that was the WORST movie ever made. Period.
    i can not think of anytihing more heinous than that piece of crap—to put it in perspective, i would sooner go to a film festival dedicated to the works of larry the cable guy than see that floater again…….it’s just that bad.

  4. Ha, that’s right. I was going to note that you had said Highlander: The Source was complete shit, but I couldn’t remember if it was that or some other Sci-Fi Channel movie.

    I agree, though, that the television series was probably the highlight of all things Highlander. But you have to give props to the first one and the third one (Mario van Peebles!!!). The second one I can sort of take or leave. Defending the ozone layer? The Highlander series takes on important environmental issues?! Come on. At least Superman had the class to wait until Quest for Peace to get all preachy.

  5. Jay, you are talking total SHITE my friend. The ” Original ” highlander film is a Classic in every sense of the world

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