IFFBoston ’16 Review: Five Nights in Maine

Imagine learning more about someone you loved posthumously, but through someone they didn’t get along with? “Five Nights in Maine,” from Writer/Director Maris Curran is a really interesting story of mourning, starring David Oyelowo and the incredible Dianne Wiest.  [Read more…]

IFFBoston ’16 Spotlight: Beyond the Wall

“Beyond the Wall,” asks the question, “What happens to prisoners when they leave prison?” Through personal stories of six former prisoners, the film tells the story of the challenges of life on the outside.

Filmed in Lowell and Lawrence, MA the film takes place along the backdrop of a nation horribly addicted to opioids -with the focus on recovery rather than the epidemic.

Check out the trailer below, and head to IFFBoston.org to purchase tickets.

The film screens Sunday, May 1 at 7:30p at the Somerville Theatre.

IFFBoston ’16 Spotlight: Always Shine

“Always Shine,” from Sophia Tikal tells the story of two actresses traveling to Big Sur for a weekend vacation, looking to reconnect after years of competition has driven them apart. Takal returns to IFFBoston, her excellent film “Green,” having screened at the festival in 2011.

The film stars Mackenzie Davis (Halt & Catch Fire) & Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex). The film premiered at Tribeca to some excellent reviews.

“Always Shine” screens Friday, April 29th at 7:00p at the Somerville Theatre. Head to IFFBoston.org for tickets.

Check out a clip from the film below:

IFFBoston ’16 Spotlight: Donald Cried

“Donald Cried,” is the story of Peter Latang (Jesse Wakeman), who returns to his hometown of Warwick Rhode Island to bury his Grandmother. From working class roots, he’s reinvented himself as a slick Wall Street mover and shaker. Peter loses his wallet, and is stranded, and the only person he can think of to help him is next door neighbor and former childhood friend Donald Treebeck (Kris Avedisian). What happens next is a long van road trip into their past.

still_donaldThe film premiered at SXSW and is director Kris Avedisian’s feature debut.

“Donald Cried” screens Saturday, April 30th at 4:30pm at the Somerville Theatre.

Head to IFFBoston.org to pick up your tickets, and head to film’s website to see a clip!

IFFBoston ’16 Spotlight: The Anthropologist

“The Anthropologist” is the parallel stories of two women, Margaret Mead, who popularized cultural anthropology in America, and Susie Crate, an environmental anthropologist currently studying the impact of climate change. [Read more…]

IFFBoston ’16 Spotlight: Best and Most Beautiful Things

“Best and Most Beautiful Things,” from Boston based filmmaker Garret Zevgetis, follows a graduate of Watertown’s Perkins School for the Blind on an unexpected path of self-discovery. The films subject, Michelle Smith, grew up in rural Maine and attended the famous Perkins School for the Blind, known for its famous student Helen Keller.

The film follows Michelle as she disappears into quirky obsessions and isolation. The trailer shows a film with humor and bold curiosity – looking for love and freedom as part of a provocative fringe community.

The film screens at IFFBoston on April 30, at 2pm at the Somerville Theatre.

Check out the trailer below, and head to IFFBoston.org for tickets!


IFFBoston 2016 Line-Up Announced!

IFFBoston 2016 Line-Up Announced!

Spring is around the corner, and we’re excited to see the official 2016 lineup for the Independent Film Festival of Boston! The festival is entering its 14th year, and will take place April 27 – May 4, 2016 at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, the Brattle in Harvard Square, and the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, as well as at UMass Boston. [Read more…]

Video of the Week: SPEARHUNTER

One of spotlight films from this years IFFBoston is now streaming on Vimeo! If you don’t remember, this film directed by Luke Poling and Adam Roffman, tells the story of the self-proclaimed world’s greatest spearhunter. Check out this amazing documentary short below, and thank me later!

SPEARHUNTER from Adam Roffman on Vimeo.

IFFBoston ’15 Review: I’ll See You In My Dreams

IFFBoston ’15 Review: I’ll See You In My Dreams

Carol Petersen (Blythe Danner) is coming to terms with her twilight years. A widow of almost 20 years, Carol lives alone with her dog, and lives a relatively simple life. She meets her friends for bridge at the retirement community, she drinks wine, reads, and watches TV, and for all intents and purposes, she’s happy. But, things start to change when she has to put her dog down.

[Read more…]

IFFBoston ’15 Review: Posthumous

IFFBoston ’15 Review: Posthumous

It’s something we’ve heard before, artists unappreciated while alive, and only finding success posthumously. What would happen if people thought an artist was dead, but, they actually were very much alive? That’s the premise of Lulu Wang’s “Posthumous.”

[Read more…]