Demension Considering “Amity” Re-Do

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the Weinsten Company and Demension is considering remaking “The Amityville Horror.”  As you no doubt recall, the original film was released in 1979 and starred James Brolin and Margot Kidder.  The movie was then re-made in 2005, with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George playing the parents whose family was terrorized by spirits.  That movie grossed over $100 million, so, I understand the desire to remake a movie that’s barely even cold…  No wait, I don’t.

While all of this is going on, MGM owns the rights to “The Amityville Tapes,” another story about the house that was reportedly haunted.  Is this going to put a crimp in the Weinstein/Demension’s plans?  Is MGM just going to sit there and do nothing?  Is this entire story something that’s going to fall apart before even a single scene is shot?  Yeah, probably.

Rami Starts Family Thriller Division

Ghost House Pictures, the production company run by Sam Rami has announced that they’re starting Spooky Pictures, a division designed to create thrillers for family audiences.  Their first production will be a re-make of “The Substitute.”  It’s based on a Danish movie about a sixth-grade class that tires to warn their parents that their substitute teacher is an alien being.  (Oh, and he’s evil…  Did I mention that?)  Scott Derickson, the writer and director of the “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” remake, will write and direct.  Warner Bros. will distribute.

First Look: A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

The teaser trailer for the remake of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ has been released. The film is being remade by Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s horror movie “reimagining” company. Jackie Earle Haley plays Freddy Krueger.

The film is being directed by Samuel Bayer and is the first feature for the music video director.

What do you guys think?

Fox to Remake “The Fly”… Wait, Cronenberg’s Involved?

Risky Biz Blog is reporting that Fox is considering a remake of the 1986 movie, “The Fly.”  (Which, of course, was based {albeit loosely,} on a 1958 movie starring Vincent Price.)  Originally, the report says, David Cronenberg was not interested in coming back… That is, until he saw what could be done with CGI.

The story is about a scientist who develops a teleportation device, while romancing a magazine reporter.  However, while testing the machine himself, a fly gets into the device and he is melded with a fly.  And then things get creepy.

Cronenberg will be helping develop the project and may even write the damn thing.

Zemeckis to Remake ‘Yellow Submarine’

Robert Zemeckis is eyeing yet another 3d motion capture movie. The ‘Back to the Future’ director is in talks to direct a remake of ‘Yellow Submarine’ for Disney.

The original film released in 1968 was about a soldier named Old Fred, who meets up with the Beatles. Fred travels in a yellow submarine to Pepperland.

Disney is on track to acquire rights to classic Beatles tunes, with the goal of not only using them in the film, but for a Broadway musical, and Cirque du Soleil production.

The idea of remaking it I’m sort of indifferent on, but I want Zemeckis to go back to live-action stuff so badly. That’s really the only part of the story that bugs me.

Spielberg to Direct ‘Harvey’

Steven Spielberg is a curious fellah, because sometimes I feel like he’s got so much on queue, its a wonder how anything gets done. But, time to add another to the beard’s long list of upcoming projects.

Spielberg will be directing a remake of the 1950 classic Harvey, about a man and his best friend (a giant invisible rabbit).

The original film was based on the stage-play written by Mary Chase. A coproduciton between Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox, the film is set to begin production early next year.

Kevin McKidd is ‘Highlander?’

Kevin McKidd, a Scottish actor known for his work on ‘Rome,’ confirmed in an interview with a Dublin radio station that he’s been approached about starring in the ‘Highlander’ remake.

There haven’t been any confirmations from the studio, but there have been mentions that medieval Scotland would be included in their version of the story.

‘Dark Shadows’ May Have a Director

The dynamic duo of Burton and Depp may be back together again on the big screen sooner than later. According to a report, Tim Burton is set up to direct the upcoming adaptation of the 60s cult television series, ‘Dark Shadows,’ with Depp rumored to star in the film. ‘Dark Shadows’ was an elaborate series involving ghosts, vampires, witches and other monsters, all set in a soap opera style show that can be described as “right up Tim Burton’s alley.”

Right now there’s only one source for this info and it doesn’t really confirm Depp’s involvement, but for all you peeps who love Depp and Burton or all you peeps who love their characters to be zombies caught in a love triangle, check out the story here!

There Can Be Only One! (Or Two)

There Can Be Only One! (Or Two)

Connor McCloudAt the very least we know that Sam’s “Remake This” column will continue to have a healthy selection to write about. The latest victim in this never ending saga of remakes? The 1986 Christopher Lambert/Sean Connery classic, ‘Highlander.’ Say it ain’t so! The remake will be produced by Summit Entertainment and will be written by ‘Iron Man’ writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.
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21 Jump Street The Movie?

21 Jump Street The Movie?

Oh dear. What was that old saying? Leave well enough alone? Or was it more like, go ahead and fuck with everything that we’ve ever done in the past because it may be easy money? I can’t remember, but if it’s the latter, then this story totally makes sense. It looks like Hollywood is ready to take 21 Jump Streetanother series from the 80s and make it a feature film. This time the victim is ’21 Jump Street,’ the little show about undercover cops in high school that launched the career of some guy name Johnny Depp. The sweet kicker? It looks like ‘Superbad’ star Jonah Hill is slated to write the film with Stephen J. Cannell set to produce.
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