IFFBoston ’17 Q&A – The Hero

Brett Haley’s third film THE HERO screened last Friday at the 15th Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston – following the screening, Haley stuck around to answer some great questions about his subject matter and themes in THE HERO as well as throughout his career. Read our review here, and watch the video below!  

IFFBoston ’17 Review: The Strange Ones

THE STRANGE ONES, based on the short of the same name by writer/directors Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein is a slow-building layered drama that will leave audiences intrigued, or incredibly frustrated. It opens with Jeremiah (James Freedson-Jackson) and Sam (Alex Pettyfer) on what seems like two brothers on a road trip. Mostly silent, we gather …

IFFBoston 2017 Q&A: Stumped

The 15th annual Independent Film Festival Boston kicked-off Wednesday night with STUMPED, a moving and inspirational film about Will Lautzenheiser – a filmmaker whose life changed completely overnight. Director Robin Berghaus and Will took the stage for some Q&A’s following the screening. Check it out below, and read our review here.  

Best of IFFBoston’s Q&A’s

One of the best parts of any film festival are the Q&A’s – engaging, at times funny, having members from the production offer great insight to not just how a film was made, but why. Independent Film Festival Boston always hosts a great many filmmakers, producers, actors & actresses, film subjects, and more! We’ve created …