Film Review: Deadpool

“Deadpool” is the first of the Marvel films to receive a ‘R’ rating, and rightly so. The character, very much an anti-hero, is the antithesis of most of the other Marvel Universe characters to hit the screen. He’s crude, excessively violent, and has a dark sense of humor to boot.

Film Review: The Big Short

Midway through “The Big Short,” something hit me. Going into the film, I knew its basic premise: how a bunch of investors made money off the housing crisis. What I didn’t realize was how big a moment the implosion of America’s housing bubble was, and how the ensuing economic crash affected my life and the …

Film Review: Victoria

Victoria is currently out in limited release. I remember last year when Birdman premiered at the Venice Film Festival. No, I wasn’t there (I’m not nearly that successful or fancy), but thanks to this handy thing known as the internet, the Oscar buzz pretty much started instantly.

Film Review: Antman

It’s funny to think that only 50 years ago the Hollywood studio system nearly collapsed under its own weight, mired in the wake of several expensive box office flops. It seemed at the time that pouring exorbitant resources into the production of blockbusters was an unreliable financial gamble, and what followed was a decade-long rise …